Hair Loss, Thinning & Treatment — My Story

The Bald Man
3 min readFeb 16, 2022


Hair loss is a nightmare for every person out there, the hair loss ratio is directly proportionate to confidence. The more hair you lose the more the scalp starts to show the more confidence you start to lose.

My story is no different, I started losing my hair as soon as I reached 19 years, I’ve many things to blame for the hair loss my lifestyle, habits, Minoxidil Finasterdine treatments, and many more. I’ve done many treatments and I’ll be sharing everything here, It will help people with the same problem as me to learn from my mistakes & will tell you what products actually work.

When I turned 18, I started my graduation and started living in a hostel & my lifestyle changed completely. Almost everyone in my hostel had a cigarette in their hand almost every time and as a newbie (noobie) I was like let's do this and the nightmare started. My hair went from too thick & wavy to thin and lost in a matter of 1 year, Well not just smoking but also my routine, the hard water at the hostel contributed to my hair loss. One day I saw my bald spot and I was so shocked, and like what anyone would do “ Google -I’m facing hair loss what to do ”.

I researched a lot on Google for treatments, consulted some doctors, and just stressed out so much but the thing I didn't give up was smoking, without realizing this is the cause.

Since I live in India, We’re lucky to have 3 major types of treatments namely — Allopathy, Ayurveda & Homeopathy. And to date, I've done all these will share the story about it in the coming threads.

Homeopathy Treatment

My first ever treatment was Homeopathy, Consulted a well-known doctor in my locality and started the treatment. The doctor assured me it is curable and I’ll see the results in 3 months and man I was blown away by his assurance. Started dreaming about what all I’ll do when I’ve my hair back as before i.e without the visible scalp. Fast forward — The treatment worked like magic, the visible scalp was gone, my hair was all grown up, thicker & darker than ever before. I thanked the doctor and he said I had to continue the treatment for some time.

Me after the hair treatment.

But hardly did I know this treatment would wear off within 2 months during the hair shedding phase & just like that I lost all those thick, wavy, shiny hair and was back like before in no time. I talked to the doctor & in my head did blame him that “ what the hell happened “, but continued the treatment.

After a span of 2 months, my hair grew back and started shedding again. This process went on for like a year and finally, I decided to stop the treatment. At that time I felt the doctor was cheating and misguiding me & Homeopathy is useless, but nope.

My Take From Homeopathy:

  • Treatment works like charm but you’ve to follow what the doctor says i.e the food restrictions & routine changes.
  • Treatment did work on me but it was “MY FAULT i.e I NEVER DID QUIT SMOKING”. If I had quit smoking I would never have to switch to Allopathy and that was the worst decision of my life and I regret it to date.

Allopathy treatment was a disaster for me, and I’ll be writing about it in the next part of the thread.

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